RHUFPLUS Veg.Cap is a premium combination of natural extracts of Boswellia serrata extract, purified turmeric extract, and glucosamine HCl.


Health Benefits of Rhufplus :

  • Helps to repair and regenerate the cartilage
  • Increases levels of good prostaglandin
  • Reduce morning stiffness
  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Increases the blood supply to the joints
  • Reduces joint and arthritis pain

Boswellia serrata extract are effective anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agents, for osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, and low back pain. Boswellia is capable of lowering the severity of infections of the respiratory or sinus tracts, which means, you can experience relief from coughing, colds, the influenza, or a sore throat faster. Research shows Boswellia also prevents allergies and asthma, eliminates phlegm in the lungs, and acts as an anti-inflammatory in the nasal passages, which makes it easier to breathe. Curcumin is a known powerful anti-inflammatory compound which will reduce joint pain and swelling. This natural combination soothes joints by relieving the pain, swelling, stiffness and improves mobility associated with Arthritic painful conditions, especially in case of destroyed cartilage. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is produced naturally in humans. It is also found in seashells. Glucosamine hydrochloride is one of
several forms of glucosamine.

Glucosamine is primarily sold as a joint health supplement. Studies show that supplementing glucosamine sulfate will reduce the rate of collagen (joint tissue) degradation and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Though glucosamine is comparable to acetaminophen, the reference drug for osteoarthritis, in potency, it is not as reliable. RHUFPLUS has beneficial effects on heart by increasing levels of Good Prostaglandin that cleans the artery walls of the plaques etc, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing lipid peroxidation, etc. RHUFPLUS also has good effects on Gastrointestinal tract by maintaining the integrity with good prostaglandins, increasing mucin secretion, protecting from ulceration and inflammatory bowel disorders. RHUFPLUS helps to repair and regenerate the cartilage by enhancing the synthesis of GAG and provide pain relief and improved mobility


Homogenous blend of Indian rankincense (Boswellia serrata), glucosamine hydrochloride and turmeric extracts.


Recommended Daily

1 serving morning after food 2 at bed time or as advised. HDPE food grade bottle packing contains 60 capsules


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